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Proudly Serving the Peace Area Since 1989


Fairview Towing provides emergency boosting, towing, and roadside assistance in the Peace area.


Fairview Towing is where most vehicles towed by the RCMP in the area end up. Our staff is responsible for the safe storage, release, and eventual disposal of any unclaimed vehicles. They are also responsible for releasing your vehicle back to you and collecting payment on any of the outstanding fees once your vehicle has been cleared for release by the seizing party.


Here is a sample release form that you can print out and complete at home before coming to us.

If you think your vehicle has been towed, please contact us at 780-835-2965. It can be used prior to arriving our lot to ascertain the information on towing and storage fees required for the release of your vehicle, as well as learn any additional steps that need to be taken before release is granted.

vehicles towed by the RCMP

If you are the registered owner of a vehicle that has been impounded, there are some requirements that must be followed before you can pick up your vehicle. If you are the owner of the vehicle but have not yet registered it at an Alberta Registry Agent, you need to bring proof of ownership, such as a fully completed and signed bill of sale



 Photo ID 


‣ 3 pieces of government-issued non-photo ID


 Full payment for the invoice

vehicles towed by the RCMP-car owner

If you are not able to pick up the vehicle during our impound hours of operations, we can accommodate this, but extra steps are required. We require written authorization from the registered owner to allow someone else to pick it up on their behalf.



You will need to provide:

 A written authorization letter naming your agent

 A copy of your photo ID


Your agent will need:

 Photo ID

 Full payment for the invoice

vehicles towed-pick up

If the impounded vehicle is a rental, you will need to have the rental company send us an authorization letter on their company letterhead. They will need to name you as being authorized to pick up the vehicle on their behalf.



From the rental company:

 Authorization letter


From you:

 Photo ID

 Full payment of the invoice

vehicles towed-rental

If the vehicle is registered to a company, that company needs to provide written authorization on their letterhead for an employee to pick up that vehicle. In cases where a company does not have a formal letterhead, corporate documents such as incorporation papers showing both the company name and the owner’s name need to be provided accompanied by a copy of the owner’s photo ID.



For companies with formal letterhead

 A letter authorizing an employee to pick up the vehicle

 Named employee must bring their photo ID

 Full payment for the invoice


For companies without a formal letterhead

 Incorporation papers showing the company name and owner name

 Owner’s photo ID

 Authorization letter if anyone other than the owner is picking up the vehicle

 Employee’s photo ID if anyone other than the owner is picking up the vehicle

 Full payment for the invoice

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Professional and Respectful

Hi this towing outfit. Is very professional an friendly an treat your car or truck with respect.. I like this family business ..I do recmend ..phil.

- Philip T.

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